Everythings Rosy Interiors has developed over time into a brand of its own, it's a very unique shop with lots of exciting home and garden accessories. I have always been enthusiastic about interior design, style, colour and quirky unique things. 

When I first set up my business I was working in a Bank and needed to follow my dreams. I have always loved design and helped many friends over the years with their home décor. Even when I was a little girl I was always tidying up my mum's house and making it look really cosy and hiding everything that didn't belong.

Interior design is my passion and helping other people create their vision from a house to a home is something I love doing. The look on peoples faces when they buy makes me happy.

Many of the suppliers I use have a story to tell about how they set up their business. I really like buying from designers and artists, whether they are local or from around the world. There is always something interesting they have to tell me about, how they began their business and how they have got to where they are now.